The Anfang Brothers

The Groovesmith


Dave Sorboro writes the soundtrack to the spirit of a summer night. Whether crooning behind a guitar or romancing melodies out of his piano, Dave’s music has a youthful, dynamic bitter-sweetness reminiscent of Something Corporate and Dashboard Confessional along with earnest love-longing lyrics that could easily be placed on a Coldplay album. Dave’s brand of pop music harkens back to a time when Matchbox 20 and Five For Fighting flooded out of car stereos.  After forming his first band in high school, Dave went on to lead and/or play in multiple bands; whether it be as the keyboard player in a hip-hop fusion band or the lead singer and chief songwriter for a folk pop/rock group, and now shines as a solo artist. Whether serving as a stage musician for other artists, or a regular band-mate, Dave has been seen performing on the same bills as Twenty One Pilots, Booker T. Jones,  Aaron Carter, and more.